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This is an update of the venerable MINING PACK v1.04 mod.

This completely replaces the last version of Mining Pack available at Xelerus, due to the changes done to update the pack to 1.7. Much of the code was rewritten and save game compatibility will be broken!

You will need to do a clean install of this mod. This means if you have the old TG_WTS_MiningPack folder in your Extensions folder, remove it and copy the new TG_WTS_MiningPack folder in this zip file to Extensions.

* Exploits current normal mining colony behavior to provide services.
* Rebalanced mining weapons and updated their effects.
* Streamlined UI.
* Tesseract cargo pods no longer impair your ship's velocity.
* Updated for Transcendence v1.7 alpha! Uses API 30.
Categories Weapon, Misc, Mining,
Graphics, Fuel, Devices,
Auton, Armor
Author PM
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Added (Last modified) 23.09.2016 (23.09.2016)
Game Version 1.7a2c
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Obletus_Grix 25.09.2016 13:50

Aha! no more need to use my own terrible TERRIBLE hackjob to get this working! Nice work!

Jay2Jay 05.10.2016 18:49

Nooooooo! Why did you fix the Tesseract cargo pods? WHYYYYYYYYYY????

Seriously though, awesome job.

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