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*Now includes a quick in-game manual*

Made for use in RTS and Dwarf Fortress-like adventures, the Scanner Screen is an item that is planned to provide a command-center-like interface with a simulated System Map. Unlike the normal map, the Scanner Screen includes ships and smaller stations while excluding asteroids, stars, and planets. It has a maximum range of 500 ls and allows you to select objects with a rectangular cursor.

*Outlined Rectangle - Station
*Filled Rectangle - Ship

*White - Player

*Green - Friend
*Yellow - Neutral
*Red - Enemy
*Blue - Cannot Attack

*Light Blue - Cursor
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Author Archcannon
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Added (Last modified) 18.07.2016 (26.04.2017)
Game Version 1.7
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Archcannon 26.04.2017 03:28

Added zoom feature

Archcannon 26.04.2017 03:28

Added global variable documentation

Archcannon 26.04.2017 03:28

Added in-game manual

Archcannon 26.04.2017 03:30

Added functionality for managing items on docked ships and creating markers on the screen

marsrocks 19.09.2020 23:47


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