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Shield Capacitors changes how the shields behave. Radically.

The playership can still install shields, however to gain shields HP, the player must install "shield capacitors".

There are 4 varieties, 10hp, 20hp, 100hp and 200hp in increasing level and prices.

Players can install/uninstall them at any time to customize their shields.
More HP = more powerUse of course.

All playerships will start with 3 x 10 hp capacitors in the cargo hold.

AI ships will install capacitors depending on the shield level. This is not a perfect system and some AI ships might be more powerful or less powerful.

This is a proof of concept playstyle. I made this mod for fun and see if people would be interested in power managing their shields.

The mod should be compatible with anything, unless you have a shield mod that uses inherit, in that case, that inherit shield will be broken.
Categories Shield, Challenge
Author digdug
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Added (Last modified) 04.07.2016 (04.07.2016)
Game Version 1.7a2
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