Loyal Fleet Settlements View Mod
Updated in 1.8
Requires 1.8 or higher.

A mod that adds loyal Fleet Settlements as opposed to Rogue Fleet Settlements to the game.
They offer Dock Services and a limited range of the gear, mainly items used by the Commonwealth Military.
You can also get a couple of map ROMs here as well.
You need military ID to dock.
Thanks to TVR, Shrike, JBW and catfighter for the idea from CSC America topic.
Shrike, again, for the turrets indirectly from a reference to station defense.
giantcabbage and everyone for mission help.
George for a great game.
Categories Station (Friendly), Station, DockScreens,
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Author relanat
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Added (Last modified) 13.04.2016 (25.09.2019)
Game Version 1.8
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Shane Filomena 14.04.2016 16:54

reminiscent of the FreeHold Haven but with a nice twist to make it original.

ty for contributing to the Universe, I will just borrow a copy to contribute to my delinquency of game playing repeatedly :)

relanat 10.03.2017 02:14

Reuploaded at 216 downloads.

V2: API changed from 29 to 28 so the mod will work in Game Version 1.6.4 now.

Docking ports now outside of station perimeter.

Cleaned up the very messy code and changed a dockscreen text.

relanat 14.03.2017 02:32

Reuploaded at 225 downloads and this time it IS Version 2, not V1 that I reuploaded somehow!. Apologies to those who downloaded.

This is why I always check my uploads now.

relanat 25.09.2019 06:11

Version 3 uploaded at 741 downloads.

Requires 1.8.

A few minor changes to the station.

Turret weapon changed from a Katana star cannon to a custom repeating SAR/40 cannon.

Now includes a mission.

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