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The Russian S-1 Probe resembles a light brown luminous drone with 40 facings. Any weapon installed on it will fire backwards. Movement is only possible with the use of a kinetic propulsion system installed in a weapon slot. Any shield installed will have a 25% health debuff, and it comes with a device to halt momentum so that you can come to a standstill.
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Shield, Ship (Player)
Author Peter
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Added (Last modified) 23.03.2016 (25.03.2016)
Game Version 1.7a1
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Shane Filomena 23.03.2016 14:07

I must say, it does look very good.

Peter 25.03.2016 08:22

Thanks Shane!

Posted version 2. Please update. The drone now comes with a halting device, which stops your movement. This is so that you can arrive at a standstill on top of planets and the like. Also, any shield installed now has 25% less health!

Peter 25.03.2016 08:34

Posted version 2.1 Armor display bug fixed. More details at

mistere 28.03.2016 00:10

Very original. I like it! Thanks Peter.

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