Renegade Beta View Mod
Screenshot Renegade is a large extension that introduces lots of new content.

This extension adds:

-7-10 star systems

-3 playerships

-5 enemy factions

-2 friendly factions

-New planet graphics

-Many weapons, armour, shields, etc

-and much more, with more to come

This extension is too large for Xelerus. Download it via the link in this forum thread:
Categories Devices, Auton, Armor,
DockScreens, Graphics, Libraries,
Misc, Shield, Ship (Enemy),
Ship (Friendly), Ship (Player), Station,
Station (Friendly), Systems and Topology, UI Enhancements,
Usable, Weapon
Author Xephyr
Rating 0   0
Added (Last modified) 16.03.2016 (17.03.2016)
Game Version 1.7a1
Filesize 286 B
Downloads 2122
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