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This was the February 2016 edition of the Monthly Mod Jam, and also the first edition. The theme of the month: Make a basic playership. This month's participants (in alphabetical order):
Categories Ship (Player)
Author Monthly Mod Jam
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Added (Last modified) 05.03.2016 (09.04.2016)
Game Version 1.7a1
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Downloads 530
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AssumedPseudonym 05.03.2016 09:56

I owe an infinitude of thanks to Xephyr for helping me to run this thing. Without him, making this thing happen would have been a helluva lot more difficult, if not outright impossible. You earned that deputy star, man. ^.^

digdug 05.03.2016 10:15

This is wonderful !

gunship256 10.03.2016 00:25

Thanks for taking the time to help us complete the mod jam!

I felt that my ship, the Bahnsen M missileship, did not emphasize its launcher enough relative to the utility of its omni laser cannon.

After the mod jam deadline, I replaced the launcher HP bonus with a swivel fire arc and replaced the omni laser cannon with a custom spread weapon that can block beams.

The new version is at the link below. If anyone wants to play it, please give me some feedback so I can improve the ship!

AssumedPseudonym 09.04.2016 05:59

Re-upped at 93 downloads: Astraltor sent me a new version of his playership for me to update the mod with.

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