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Screenshot This mods has been rebooted. See forum thread at:
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Ship (Enemy), Shield, New Sounds,
Misc, DockScreens, Devices,
Development, Challenge, Auton,
Armor, Systems and Topology, Usable,
Author Digarw
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Added (Last modified) 04.02.2016 (24.07.2017)
Game Version 1.7
Filesize 1.59 MB
Downloads 2364
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Digarw 11.02.2016 08:03

Reuploaded, at 18 download. Adding new shield and misc items, add label each device.

Digarw 18.02.2016 15:37

Reuploaded at 39 downloads. Featuring new items, fixed some bug, and applying some ship to station.

Digarw 19.02.2016 04:33

Reuploaded at 41 downloads, fixed most critical bug and added some independent mod.

Digarw 28.02.2016 11:44

Reuploaded at 65 downloads, fix some items and add new items. Also Independent mod is updated.

Digarw 13.03.2016 10:17

Reuploaded at 93 downloads, fix some item, add new items, and delete Ship and some more.

Digarw 19.03.2016 09:46

Reuploaded at 95 downloads, fix some item and adding new item.

There was an error in Semesta Costumer because costumer station (Domina, CW Agriculture, Hotel, and Manufacturing Plant) is not compatible with Transcendence V 1.7 Alpha. The reason is, I used Station UNID in previous version. I apologize with this error, but it will fixed in next update.

Digarw 31.03.2016 14:40

Reuploaded at 117 downloads.

Adding new items, fixing some of mistake, and now Semesta Costumer.xml is working.

Digarw 03.04.2016 11:21

Reuploaded at 132 downloads, adding new item and fixing some bugs.

Digarw 15.04.2016 08:49

Reuploaded at 155 downloads, I have fix some mistake and error. And there some station that I added in game.

kuroichi0 16.04.2016 17:21

By the way,i have seen many barretta bullet since my first time playing this mod up until now but how can i use it?

Digarw 18.04.2016 04:15

Barreta bullet is a ammunition for Barreta Sniper Cannon.

Does it not spawn in game?

Digarw 22.04.2016 13:48

Reuploaded at 165 downloads. See changelog for info.

kuroichi0 30.04.2016 17:54

Well,about that weapon...

Is it only me or it really is that rare?

William_Indonesia 03.05.2016 19:21

Lu kaga sendirian bang :v ane juga indo:D

Digarw 04.05.2016 03:25

XD baru tahu ane...

Digarw 04.05.2016 03:26


I found that weapon have level 4 and Uncommon frequency, so that is why they are rare at early system.

kuroichi0 04.05.2016 16:05


Saia juga indo :v

Digarw 05.05.2016 08:44


Baru tahu juga ane, yang aktif cuma ane doang...

Digarw 05.05.2016 08:46

Reuploaded at 184 Downloads, See Changelog for info.

Digarw 24.05.2016 04:29

Reuploaded at 208 downloads. See changelog for info and enjoy the new challenge. :)

Anto SJ13 25.05.2016 12:52

Bagus modnxa bro skalian aja bikin semesta corporation station

Digarw 26.05.2016 02:18

Thanks, disitu juga ada station pusat riset. Tapi sayangnya ane pake gambar Commonwealth Starton, ane gak bisa ngegambar. Xd

Digarw 29.05.2016 11:13

Reuploaded at 222 downloads, see Changelog for info.

Digarw 18.06.2016 11:14

Reuploaded at 242 downloads, see changelog for info.

Digarw 29.06.2016 06:36

Reuploaded at 253 downloads, see changelog for info.

Digarw 10.07.2016 08:48

Reuploaded at 269 downloads, see changelog for info.

Digarw 07.08.2016 06:05

Reuploaded at 307 downloads, see changelog for info.

Digarw 02.09.2016 02:22

Reuploaded at 354 downloads, see changelog for info.

Digarw 28.09.2016 03:25

Reuploaded at 397 downloads, see changelog for info.

Digarw 18.10.2016 02:31

Reuploaded at 421 downloads, see changelog for info.

Digarw 14.11.2016 13:44

Reuploaded at 449 downloads, see changelog for info.

William_Indonesia 19.12.2016 14:22

Update dong bro...

Digarw 20.12.2016 01:15

Sebenarnya ada rencana bikin starship, tapi sayangnya gue gak bisa gambar.

Digarw 20.12.2016 01:33

Dan juga, lagi fokus bikin misi dari untuk Testing Area.

Digarw 30.12.2016 12:45

Reuploaded at 494 downloads, see changelog for info.

RizqiGx 07.02.2017 01:47

Semangat Bro ( Baru aktif lagi ) Semesta is Universe XD

Digarw 14.04.2017 14:11

Reuploaded at 626 downloads, see changelog for info.

Digarw 15.04.2017 02:34

Reuploaded at 630 downloads. Crash that caused by this mods has been fixed.

Digarw 25.04.2017 06:32

Reuploaded at 643 downloads, see changelog for info.

Digarw 01.05.2017 11:02

Reuploaded at 657 downloads, see changelog for info.

Digarw 29.05.2017 06:00

Reuploaded at 690 downloads, see changelog for info.

kuroichi0 31.05.2017 16:44

di malaka ada supply vault dapet codenya dari mana tuh?

Digarw 01.06.2017 16:24

Update sekarang kodenya udah ada di Penguasaan Kritis Technology, di meeting hall.

kuroichi0 02.06.2017 08:58


Digarw 11.06.2017 05:24

Reuploaded at 711 downloads, see changelog for info.

Digarw 19.06.2017 14:27

Reuploaded at 730 downloads, see changelog for info.

Digarw 28.06.2017 14:44

Reuploaded at 738 downloads, see changelog for info.

Digarw 14.07.2017 08:10

Reuploaded at 764 downloads, see changelog for info.

Digarw 24.07.2017 15:05

Reuploaded at 779 downloads, see changelog for info.

Syamers24 18.05.2019 07:29

wew yang create nih mod ternyata orang indo :v

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