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Screenshot Now all of my armours are now set, now the images!
(I have a small chance of having more upcoming armours to create)

New in v1.1a release!

-Added ultra light regenerators plate and recipe

-Readjusted number of appearing and frequency of items.
Upcoming in v1.2 (maybe final update)

Add pictures for composite armour and regenerator's plate

Comment me below if some or even all of them are overpowered or underpowered.

For this mod, I thank Pixelfck for creating the first two armours, Monopole and Carbon weaver armour and PM, for I got some armour images from his mod called "Drake technologies."

It is also compatible to 1.6.

Development Status: Inactive since last update
Categories Graphics, Armor, Development
Author Novak 67
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Added (Last modified) 18.03.2015 (09.04.2015)
Game Version 1.5
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Novak 67 18.03.2015 02:30

Oh, one more thing, I am NOT a professional on coding, I am just an average person who got interested on these things. So only request on readjusting the numbers and thats all;

Novak 67 18.03.2015 02:50

Please add why you like or dislike this mod so I know what to add, what to modify or even remove items

Novak 67 18.03.2015 16:43

Reuploaded at 4 downloads, added 4 different armours, 1 series and 1 misc,

Crystallite armour series and Molbidium crystallite armor

Novak 67 18.03.2015 17:04

Re-uploaded at 4 downloads, Minor update: change description of some items and version log.

Peter 20.03.2015 00:32

Hey Novak. Good luck with mod-making! In the description of your mob it says unique armours. This would imply that the armours have some sort of special effects, for example, the ability to slowly spawn friendly hornets over time. If they do have special properties can you please list them?

Novak 67 20.03.2015 03:13

Ok, re-uploaded at 14 downloads, added document saying the special traits, strengths and flaws of every single armour type, also says upcoming armours in later updates.

Peter 20.03.2015 03:46

Nice. Although, what I meant was for you to edit the description of your mod on xelerus so that people could see if there was cool stuff in it before downloading. E.g. : Monopole Armour : Absorbs ion and regens your shields with it.

Novak 67 20.03.2015 05:39

Oh, ok here is the link for it.


Darth Saber 24.03.2015 22:03

I like the textured look of your armor segments as shown in your screenshot, Novak 67.

Are you sing GIMP 2.8 to texture them?

Novak 67 25.03.2015 07:46

Reuploaded at 24 downloads, improved quality, added composite armour and thinker recipes. Restart required. No longer a prototype!

Novak 67 25.03.2015 10:07

Yay! 25th download! next milestone will be 250 on this mod.

Novak 67 07.04.2015 17:08

Reuploaded at 43 downloads added rapid regenerating armour and 3 new tinker recipes

Novak 67 07.04.2015 17:14

Reuploaded at 43 downloads. minor update: Updated strengths and weaknesses and history document.

Novak 67 08.04.2015 02:47

Reuploaded at 45 downloads, Minor update, fixed a mod breaking error on the same UNID on heavy regen. and normal regen. armour.

Novak 67 09.04.2015 15:10

Reuploaded at 45 downloads, Added ultra light rapid regen. armour (lvl 1)and readjusted frequency and the number of appearing on armours.

Novak 67 10.04.2015 02:36

Oh, I forgot one thing, you require to restart since I changed the UNID too for the items and the mod its self.

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