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It might not be strong,fast or powerful but it's cheap and it's value for money
Categories Ship (Player)
Author Silverwolf
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Added (Last modified) 16.11.2014 (16.11.2014)
Game Version 1.1
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digdug 16.11.2014 22:06

dear Silverwolf,

welcome to Xelerus, mod repository for Transcendence.

Please stick with a single UNID space and register it.

you are currently using both DD69 and DD61.

Please register to the forums and post in this thread to register your UNID.


The reupload your mods using a single UNID space.

StealthX051 17.11.2014 02:49

Can you please add a description to your ship please?

Silverwolf 17.11.2014 15:27

Ok I will do that

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