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Corvettes are small ships for patrol and escort duties.

VCant Shipyards now build a class of low-cost ship. Based on Revelations-class design, every EL-Class corvette start with one fast-fire omnidirectional laser, one laser collimator and some useble items - and it's more than enough for first systems ;-)

Best missions for this ships are escort a convoy, patrol the space and kill every fighter and gunship with its omni-laser. Tested also as missileship. Cargo it's again 150t as the original - big enough to collect items to resell. Speed and manovrability are good for a corvette. Every Captain can improve his ship as he wishes, depending by the role assigned to the ship.
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Author vcant
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Added (Last modified) 18.10.2014 (30.05.2018)
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vcant 21.10.2014 22:18

Updated all ID entities, now aligned to the standard format (0x D MMM T III).

If you have any other VCant's mod, pls update all them....

vcant 30.05.2018 00:22


First, sc Entity code is now conformed to the standard modding - but overall:

now, gived weapons are divided and assigned with 3 different weapon groups - which define the mission purpose (missileship, escort or gunship)

(NB : The group is randomly loaded)


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