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Koba Maru is an AntaresII-class freighter, modified by VCant Shipyard.

Slow as every freighter... Not a cruiser, not a fighter - but with its 3 omnidirectional weapons, it's a good choice for every captain who want to travel and get much more items as possible...
Categories Ship (Player)
Author vcant
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Added (Last modified) 27.09.2014 (30.05.2018)
Game Version 1.1
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vcant 27.09.2014 17:44

...just update... (I forgot the same line Entity copied from another mod of mine )

Shane Filomena 28.09.2014 22:00

maxSpeed="12" ??

that is a fast freighter :)


your starting set up looks like my test ship :()

but I am sure it will be fun : two things I enjoy are freighters and mining.

Now go tell the Forums about the goodies :)

oldmanwynter 04.10.2014 23:21

Ooh, pretty. Also, shane, 12c is the standard speed for an antares II. Still fast for a freighter, but unmodded.

vcant 08.10.2014 01:15

from original:

<!-- Antares II Freighter -->


maxSpeed= "12"

cargoSpace= "30000"


so, I repeat the default speed and reduce the cargo - due the heavy armours and shield and heavier weapons ;-)

Peter 14.10.2014 03:00

I looked up Kobo Maru. Kobo is a sweet treat and Maru is a scottish cat that has gotten famous on japanese youTube. This ship is a... Tasty scottish cat?

oldmanwynter 18.10.2014 05:22

@Peter: KobA, not KobO.

Makes me think of the Kobayashi Maru from Star Trek.

vcant 18.10.2014 19:25

@ oldmanwynter :


(^o^) 19.10.2014 07:29

"&#23567;&#26519;(Kobayashi)" is japanese common family name and it means "small forest". "Koba" could have some different characters. "&#26408;&#24237;(Koba)" is the rare family name and it means "wooden garden". "&#23567;&#20995;(Koba)" is the edge of knife. "Maru" is a suffix. Actually it means "circle", but it has no meaning in the name.

vcant 20.10.2014 23:43

ok folk!

the name is shorter than Kobayashi Maru(C) in Star Trek(C) ... I love that story but I cannot use the same name...

many ships are called <Something> Maru, so if you wanna to find a meaning in the name, you can think to is as "Ship with Cutting Edge" - could be applied to this ship, I think :-)

vcant 21.10.2014 22:19

Updated all ID entities, now aligned to the standard format (0x D MMM T III).

If you have any other VCant's mod, pls update all them....

vcant 30.05.2018 00:34


+ sc Entity code is now conformed to the standard modding


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