Olympus-class star carrier View Mod
ScreenshotScreenshot Since I saw three CSCs shot down by worldships at one game, I decided to make a reliable CSC. This is it, a deadly armed floating fortress.
This mod include 5 playerships and some NPC ships. The Centurion II-class gunships include each 2 versions, because their original equipments are too strong to be the starting gear.
Categories Ship (Player), Ship (Friendly), Graphics
Author (^o^)
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Added (Last modified) 06.09.2014 (27.06.2015)
Game Version 1.6b5
Filesize 5.48 MB
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digdug 09.09.2014 00:34

omg, that thing is awesome !

oldmanwynter 10.09.2014 04:16

the design reminds me of the spirit of motherwill from armored core. time to download

(^o^) 10.09.2014 17:57

Reuploded at 38 downloads: changed the playership equipments, and some minor changes.

Yes, I used the spirit of motherwill as reference to make flight decks. And also the eclipse, a bit.

Wolodymyr 18.10.2014 09:15


JustWATCH 12.11.2014 13:19

This is awesome,

is there a mod for making a star system

Autohummer 02.12.2014 17:02


(^o^) 27.06.2015 15:32

Reuploaded at 562 downloads.

Added some variations of centurion-class heavy gunships.

Since the original CSC become larger than this, I weaken this CSC, and give a smarter AI instead.

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