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Screenshot ATTENTION: use the proper .xml file! one relies on new features of .99, the other won't work properly in it.

want a speed boost? [u]se this and start intercepting those fleeing barbarys and escaping the slavers and dwarg.

some strategies:

high speed = don't touch up arrow, the code does all moving.

up arrow = slow down to ship max speed for tighter turns.

dump unneeded cargo to save some fuel, heavy = more energy use.

ram enemies!!!! plasma jetwash hurts! even better if you can tow rope them in it.

short bursts for fuel savings, fly and point the way you want to go and afterburn for a few secs, then drift. btw, wingmen in formation will overspeed with you!

short bursts aimed at asteroids may be useful...

the .99 compatible version takes ship mass into account when determining fuel use, imagine how fast it would drain a dreadnaugh!
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chucktonica 26.09.2009 04:56

is there a bug in your drive, when try to use it, it says some jiberish

Bobby 26.09.2009 14:38

no binding for symbol: on?

bug fixed.

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