Vulture Light Cruiser View Mod
Screenshot I'm not really a 3d artist and I made this ship for myself, srsly. Besides 120 facings it has 8 working armor sections and a device that converts ore to missiles so feel free to use it all as reference. I really like missiles.
I used the code from this mod: for the ore smelter.
Categories Ship (Player)
Author Gahlek
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Added (Last modified) 20.06.2014 (20.06.2014)
Game Version 1.3b2
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digdug 21.06.2014 02:22

very nice design !

Pixelfck 21.06.2014 13:57

Nice design (it could be used reversed and would still look nice). I like how you did the shield bubble sprite.

Gahlek 22.06.2014 20:42

Thx for the feedback :)

tobyJB 08.09.2016 17:33

Coool looking ship

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