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Peters Pack is finally here! I know I said it would be out ages ago but I was lazy and only posted it right now even though it was ready!

So, in this gigantic mod pack you will find player-ships, enemy stations, new enemy ships, weapons, shields, armours and a few other things. Noting that the new enemy stations will appear at low level systems and are way better than you will be. The idea is that there are bases that you have to skip and then once you have your nice gear go back to Eridani and start cleaning them out from there. Have fun! Below is a complete list of whats in the mod pack

Edit: Xelerus said the description of this mod must have less than 1024 letters so there is no description xD
Categories Challenge, Armor, Godmod,
Graphics, Misc, Newbie Boosts,
Reactor, Shield, Ship (Enemy),
Ship (Player), Station, Weapon
Author Peter
Rating 2   0
Added (Last modified) 04.06.2014 (04.06.2014)
Game Version 1.2
Filesize 1.18 MB
Downloads 2020
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Peter 04.06.2014 21:57

Note: The Longzhue hoarders are the ones summoning the Hurins to their defence. You know how bases call for reinforcements? Thats what they are doing... MAHAHAAH. I will make the number they summon a lot lower though its a bit too... much

digdug 06.06.2014 01:44

hi Peter,

sounds really cool.

If you want to make a longer description of your mod, you could make a post on the forums about it and link it.

Peter 06.06.2014 05:41

Thank you digdug. About the description : I wrote it all and then found it was too long so I copied and deleted it but my clipboard emptyed :( And I am too lazy too make another xD

Peter 07.06.2014 20:42

Will Update at 50 downloads and fix the Longzhu Hoarders and some other things.

Peter 11.06.2014 06:10

I'm starting work on updating the mod now that it's at 45 downloads. I have decided that every 50 downloads I will update. Very unlikely, but if this becomes a popular mod I might change this too every 100 downloads

Peter 20.06.2014 11:13

Has anyone else noticed that the Xelerus community has been very quite recently?

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