Automated Turret Controller View Mod
A device which allows any installed weapon to operate omnidirectionally. However the power draw also slows the fire rate of all weapons, even native omni (this is intentional).

Huge credit to TVR for waving bits of code in front of my face until I took notice.
Categories Devices, Newbie Boosts
Author pip
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Added (Last modified) 13.05.2014 (13.05.2014)
Game Version 1.3b1
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Peter 14.05.2014 03:28

Looks good but a bit OP. Do you think you could exclude some weapons from this? Such as the quilong arch-cannon and the quantum disintergrator. Just a note. Nice job

Dragonz 16.11.2014 03:22

I have noticed that the omni version of weapons have a lower hit point because they have a low miss rate. Maybe you could incorporate something like that.

Also, if there was a way you could turn on and off the omni ability, would be cool to.

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