Conduct- NoBuy View Mod
In the spirit of the conduct checking in Nethack...

Conduct-NoBuy: Direct purchasing from stores is disabled.

Get good at scrounging 8-)

Weep at the sight of Adventurers Outfitters and Ringer stations...

Actually, this one isnt so hard- you can still use all the "upgrade" options, quest rewards, etc, etc...

Thats for the next version 8-)
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Added (Last modified) 09.08.2007 (09.08.2007)
Game Version 0.98b
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F50 28.08.2007 20:32

can you make a conduct-civie(can't touch military equipment)? Perhaps a conduct reactor-limit? This is a great idea.

schilcote 26.03.2008 23:30

Conduct no fuel? (solar panels of cource)

CharonMassofGoo 08.04.2008 22:11

Schilcote, a Conduct no-fuel wouldn't work. You'd have to buy and install a solor panel right away, even then, you would have to sit there for about an hour with auto-pilot on for it to reach full.

CharonMassofGoo 08.04.2008 22:12

PS. I would know how long it takes. I tried it before.

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