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Think winning at all costs is so great that guaranteed resurrection trumps "honored permadeath" conduct? This mod will enforce permadeath for you. After your game ends, if you attempt to reload the game and resurrect your ship, you will do so as normal... then the game ends no more than a second later because you "honored permadeath".
Categories Challenge
Author PM
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Added (Last modified) 30.03.2014 (20.04.2017)
Game Version 1.7
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Downloads 466
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Darth Saber 31.03.2014 23:57

Appropriate category, PM; this will provide a worthy challenge! :-)

Pixelfck 30.06.2014 20:47

We SO need a '[x] hardcore' mode. Until then, this will do.

PM 05.01.2015 16:45

Updated to 1.5 at 60 downloads.

PM 18.07.2015 16:24

Updated to 1.6 at 122 downloads. The game simply ends instead of killing your ship after resurrection, and further loading of that game only shows statistics.

PM 20.04.2017 19:48

Updated to 1.7 at 291 downloads. Now compatible with Vault of the Galaxy.

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