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Screenshot Adds 2 weapons to the game, a dub step gun and a nyan cat gun! Both will play music upon firing them, but you'll need to follow the instructions in the read-me included for them to work properly. All credit and major thanks for the music coding goes to RPC! As this is my first mod, please comment on how to make it more balanced or improved!

Re uploaded at 2 downloads, fixed an inconsistency, re-download required. Sorry!

Re uploaded again at 5 downloads, fixed a few more things. Sorry for the inconvenience D:

Another update at 7 downloads, balance revisions.

Update at 12 downloads, fixed hit effect sounds for the nyan cat gun.

Update at 18 downloads, fixed name issue.

Update at 20 downloads, fixed an issue with the same song continuing to play after switching between the nyan cat gun and the dub step gun. Also, balance tweaks!
Categories Weapon
Author Tshark9999
Rating 6   0
Added (Last modified) 28.03.2014 (01.04.2014)
Game Version 1.2
Filesize 1.66 MB
Downloads 552
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RPC 29.03.2014 01:34

Yay my 6+ hours of derping through music functions paid off :D

Jay2Jay 30.03.2014 00:09

Put up a mod review, cuz this mod is fun a s heck! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CE_tpFRDV1U&feature=youtube_gdata

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