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Screenshot This is an adventure extension expanding on vanilla sovereigns in the outer realms. As of Version 1.0, there is only content relating to the Commonwealth Fleet and Ares. Included as of Version 1.0 is 1 side story line, 8 new missions, 8 new ships, 2 new wing men, and 1 new system.

This mod overwrites the following: Aurochs Transport, Aquila Cruiser, Centurion Heavy Gunship, CSCbase, Commonwealth Star Carrier (Both taskforce and hospital), Ares Heretic Research Station, and Ares encounter table. Look in the readme.txt file for the specific changes.

This is my first mod so please point out any errors and redundancies.
Categories Wingman, Station, Ship (Friendly),
Ship (Enemy), Adventure Extensions
Author SolarGalaxy
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Added (Last modified) 02.03.2014 (08.04.2014)
Game Version 1.3b1
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Downloads 1975
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digdug 03.03.2014 02:13

select multiple categories using CTRL and not SHIFT :)

SolarGalaxy 03.03.2014 04:19

Thanks! I added some more categories.

Cpt.darknest 06.03.2014 07:33

this error parsing\battles of the outer realms\battles pf the outer.xml:battles of the outer realms.xml:line(917):invalid entity : efparticlebeamdefault

SolarGalaxy 06.03.2014 22:34

Cpt.darknest, what version of Transcendence are you using? Because versions before 1.2 (I think) didn't have &efparticlebeamdefault in it's core effects.

Cpt.darknest 07.03.2014 14:48

thank you

Cpt.darknest 19.03.2014 12:37

SolarGalaxy how create mod adventure extension

SolarGalaxy 08.04.2014 03:46

Re-uploaded at 69 downloads. Mostly just changes to match with the new 1.3 beta features (New maneuver system, thrusters). Also added R13 deflector and overwrote Ares Commune and Shipyard.

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