Hayari Noosphere Graphics View Mod
Graphics for the Hayari Noosphere mod. These graphics are 2D, created using sprites from Battleships Forever < http://www.wyrdysm.com/games.php >, created by the Battleships Forever community. The ship graphics were generated using these sprites by me with the BSF ShipMaker.
Due to the size of this modification, it has been split into two files: one containing the sound effects and code titled "Hayari Noosphere" ( http://xelerus.de/index.php?s=mod&id=1370 ), and one containing the graphics (this one). To install, download both and extract into your extensions folder.
Categories Graphics
Author Heliogenesis
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Added (Last modified) 28.02.2014 (28.02.2014)
Game Version 1.2
Filesize 3.09 MB
Downloads 697
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