Omni+ Fire Control System & Framework View Mod
Screenshot * Introducing the Omni+ Framework for enhanced omnidirectional weapon functionality in Transcendence.

* By default, this mod adds an extraordinary amount of customization and control over all the omnidirectional weapons in 1.2, from the omnidirectional laser cannon to the IM90.

* Principally, weapons with Omni+ intelligently and automatically avoid causing friendly fire, instead either holding fire or diverting it to a secondary target. These settings are fully configurable by the player in both strictness and target type.

* This framework is designed to extremely easy to use, and literally requires only one copy-and-paste for full functionality. Absolutely no TLISP scripting knowledge is required to mod with Omni+, as the autodetection code automatically reads and adjusts for all weapon settings. There are even picture instructions included on how to add this Omni+ functionality to any weapon.
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A.I./Behavior, Weapon
Author TVR
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Added (Last modified) 28.12.2013 (30.12.2013)
Game Version 1.2
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Shane Filomena 29.12.2013 17:38

For ONCE I am actually impressed with such a simple idea come to life.

Where were you when we were getting killed by windslavers ? :)

TVR 30.12.2013 23:08

Reuploaded at 31 downloads, t+2d

* Fixed a modder-only bug in the _staticLinked.xml code.

* Added Omni+ functionality to the TeV 9, so you, too, can reenact the above animation.

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