Esel(tow rope and unique action) View Mod
Screenshot a new player ship with original images and a unique action.
has multiple versions of the ship, use only one.
"esel balanced" has fewer divice slots, making it more balanced, also the others have armor flagged noncritical(you may survive being shot with no armor)
"esel" starts off really vulnerable to anything
"esel nodamage" starts off in good condition, you should upgrade it soon, but death is not imminent
all come with the tow rope, and few credits.
the "first damage and roms" file will overright the g-type star to give the player targeting and visual enhancement on start of game, if the player has a certain item his/her ship will be in such a sorry state you'll be spending all your cash for new equipment.
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Author Bobby
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Game Version 0.98d
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