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Haiyan Enhancement Pack Volume I mod concentrate on the enhancement items & devices for standard Transcendence weapons & shields. I was inspired by George's 1. Beta_2 weapon optimizer ROM.


- Aventador Weapon enhancement ROM

- Matador Weapon Enhancement ROM

- Salvador I Shield Enhancement Device

- Salvador II Shield Enhancement Device

- (READ ME included)


- Have not checked compatibility with Trans versions lower than 1.2 RC_1 or with other mods.

- Player might experience drag in animation with the weapon enhancement mods, the Matador in particular.


- George for his hyperspeed weapon enhancement ROM.

- PM for his code and tips.

- Wolfy & Digdug for their advise.
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Author erik dc
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Added (Last modified) 28.11.2013 (28.11.2013)
Game Version 1.2
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erik dc 28.11.2013 22:11

Sorry i took so long to submit this. Server is having difficulty in connecting for two weeks now. I wish you'll have fun with this. Volume 2 is up next.

Darth Saber 29.11.2013 00:30

Looks pretty good so far; good job Erik dc!

johnny onetothree 29.11.2013 14:03

Used on ROM on a Lampligther. Oh what fun

erik dc 21.03.2014 06:59

Thanks to all who tried this. It still works in 1.3B1.

FAD 22.03.2014 06:50

The shield devices are nice, though they could use a bit more power to help balance out this mod. 2MW to gain +50 hp seems god-ish. Try setting them to use at least half the amount of what they offer, or even equal amount. 50MW for 50 hp gain seems more practical, while 25MW for 50 hp is still doable.

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