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So many things are broken or damaged in Transcendence that a wrench becomes a handy tool. But beware, repairing some things can be risky! You can fail so badly that you break the very item you wanted to fix, or even kill yourself.

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Author The Wicked Flea
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Added (Last modified) 28.07.2007 (04.10.2008)
Game Version 0.98b
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F50 19.08.2007 22:27

A nice mod that doesn't change gameplay much. At least, not until skill levelup is fixed.

schilcote 02.02.2008 14:36

I modded it a little, it's a bit more effective.

ptbptb 23.05.2010 20:50

I like this - but the "nothing happens" option is annoying. I don't play games to get repetitive strain injury.

digdug 23.05.2010 20:52

well, it can be tweaked to be a bit more usable, right now you need plenty of level 1 items to get to level 2. I never managed to repair a level 3 item.

Prophet 24.05.2010 14:44

I agree, I had to hack mine to make it useable. Anyone know if The Wicked Flea is still active? or if he/she would mind someone updating it with credit given?

ptbptb 28.05.2010 14:26

> Anyone know if The Wicked Flea is still active?

> or if he/she would mind someone updating it with

> credit given?

Would one of the admin's be able to contact The Wicked Flea via email? Otherwise there should probably be a policy decision on whether 'abandoned' mods can be adopted by active users. (That policy may well turn out to be "No" of course).

Prophet 28.05.2010 14:32

last post on the forum was Aug 9th/07

"Sorry folks, work has picked up greatly so the deadline on the Wrench 2.0 has been pushed back indefinitely. I hope I can squeeze it out the door sooner than later. :s"

I should have checked that sooner...

ptbptb 31.05.2010 21:33

I've modified the code as follows (bugtesting not yet carried out ;-)

* No item type is more, or less, difficult than others.

* All uninstalled, non-armor items may now be repaired.

* WrenchSkill now increases slowly (1/10) even when you fail.

What I am considering next is

* Removing 'nothing happens' option - it's boring!

* Adding more non-lethal failure modes.

* Adding failure modes that cause lots of damage, but don't cause insta-kill.

Insta-kill will be retained (although I have yet to decide whether it will be the same risk as before).

ptbptb 02.06.2010 11:07

Nerfed WrenchSkill increases a little. If your skill is much greater than the target's level (x10) then you get an automatic success but no skill increase.

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