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Screenshot Brings a Few ships from the Marvelous world of Halo into Transcendence, mod includes a Charon-Frigate, a Destroyer, and a fan inspire piece from a friend, includes most of the halo weapons and some armor. enjoy :D
special thanks to everyone on the irc!!
Categories Weapon, Ship (Player), Armor
Author drailgre
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Added (Last modified) 18.07.2013 (18.07.2013)
Game Version 1.08
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solitare 11.08.2013 08:37

In general, I liked this mod a lot. It was a great idea. There are a few problems though. The second and fourth MACs were unavailable in game. The second could only be ordered at corporate trading posts and the superheavy MAC was nowhere to be found. The capacitors were annoying but realistic. It annoyed me that all three of the ships looked the same. The oversized archer missile pods seemed to be infinite because I held down the fire button for minutes at a time without dropping the ammo more than the one required for the initial shot. Also, based on the in-game description the MACs should have the "shatter" attribute.

drailgre 12.08.2013 06:01

thanks for the input, ill fix it in the next update

Phillip 23.08.2013 17:00

can you create this ship with ammoless and capacitorless weapons ?

solitare 02.09.2013 05:31

@Phillip the capacitor part is easy. Just delete the capacitor attribute in the xml. The ammoless part takes a bit more fiddling, but its pretty similar to the capacitor. I did this too for a weapon-test playthrough and it didn't take more than a few tries to get the code right. Transcendence won't start until the code syntax is correct and it tells you what you did wrong so it's pretty easy. Just play with it.

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