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Centauri systems basically makes the Centauri very hard, I do not recommend this mod unless you are sure what you are doing.
This modifies and overwrites all Centauri stuff so It doesn't work with A More Dangerous Universe, or Weapons Extended (well technically it does work, its just that only the stationa are modified and the raiders just sit there silently and do nothing).
Once the rest of TCE is out, these Centauri wil be as before, mainly because TCE has its own balance.
Oh, this is the beta version, its in development, post bugs either here or the forum I dont care which, everything is subject to change yada yada yada....
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Author Jay2Jay
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Added (Last modified) 27.06.2013 (27.06.2013)
Game Version 1.2a1
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Jay2Jay 01.07.2013 03:20

Whoever rated me up, thank you.

Jay2Jay 12.08.2013 15:56

I dont know why people like this mod. Its stupid, simple, and not very creative. ANYONE can do this.....

Peter 13.04.2014 20:50

I probably couldn't, I can't even open TransData. Could anyone give me help with that?

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