Freelancer Civilian Ship Pack View Mod
Screenshot Here are all the playable Civilian series of ships from the game Freelancer ported to Transcendence, Civilian weapons and Freelancer shields are also included. Missiles and torpedoes will be added soon. One version is for standard Transcendence and another is for use with PSD 6.
Categories Devices, New Sounds, Shield,
Ship (Player), Weapon
Author Autohummer
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Added (Last modified) 20.06.2013 (20.06.2013)
Game Version 1.2a1
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FourFire 14.07.2013 14:26

Hey, nice mod/port, greatly OverPowered with the number of weaponslots and starting equipment.

I noticed one small annoyance though:

In the map screen the icon which shows youarehere is really tiny.

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