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Screenshot This mod allows you to play as most gunship-sized NPC vessels, as well as some larger freighters and destroyers. The player versions of these ships have 0.05c higher top speed (some of the freighters, etc. were mind-numbingly boring with stock speed) and ballparked reactor power, cargo space, maximum armor tonnage, and maximum device slots.
Ships with more or less than four armor slots were changed to have exactly four, with the exception of the Hornet battlepod (still just one) and any ship with twelve or more. Those were set to twelve. The mod also includes a relatively quick and fairly dirty method of displaying twelve armor slots in an understandable way.
More expensive ships start with more money, less expensive ships start with less money, freighters and mining ships start with holds full of ore or basic goods as appropriate. Mining ships also start with a miner's cargo hold installed.
Special thanks to user Aeonic; your mods basically taught me how to make this.
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Challenge, Armor
Author vayra
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vayra 06.02.2013 01:26

This is tagged as Godmod/Newbie Boost as well as Challenge because while starting in a Britannia heavy gunship or Tripoli destroyer can make you feel like unto a tiny god, starting in a Hornet battlepod or a Corsair I gunship is definitively harder than a regular playthrough.

I also gave some of the unnamed ship classes names, because it was bothering me seeing "Urak Destroyer" over and over again, etc. I tried to stay within what I gathered from google/the transcendence wiki/gameplay were the themes of that faction.

The mod also overwrites the starting ships to not have large images (they were jarring when scrolling through the NPC ships, which do not) and be 0.05c faster, so they keep the same relative speed compared to your other choices.

vayra 06.02.2013 01:27

This is very much a work in progress, but is entirely playable as presented. I will continue to update this whenever I remember that it exists~

TranscendentGeek 06.02.2013 04:59

You might want to check out Playership Drones

vayra 07.02.2013 00:02

That is indeed a pretty cool mod! I suppose I should eventually do something like it does for displaying armor/large images.

ninja7 20.02.2013 01:24

I found one flaw. The ships with higher MW reactors (75MW, 150MW, 200MW, etc.)can only refuel using standard Helium fuel rods rather than reactor assembly, pteracnium, etc. Is this only for me or is it happening to other people as well?

schilcote 15.09.2013 14:53


If I remember correctly, that's because the ships don't have an actual reactor device installed.

Reactors have an associated 'tech level' that determines what kind of fuel they can use, and the default reactor can only use the lowest-tech fuel.

Creating 75MW, 150MW, etc... reactor objects with appropriate fuel tech restrictions will fix this problem.

As a workaround, you could also decompile your Transcendence.tdb and set the tech level of all fuel to that of the lowest-tech fuel, but then those fuels wouldn't show up in the late game.

kevin_n_lugoff 08.03.2014 10:54

Great mod, I'd just like to know how you all do the graphics part? I have been trying to figure that part out so I can make my own ship. Any suggestions or help in how that is done is greatly appreciated. Thanks and I love the mod.

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