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Screenshot The Rifter has always been one of my favorite ships in EVE Online, so I took the effort of moving it over, more or less, to Transcendence. Its cannon is designed for extremely long range destruction, but is too slow to be useful for close-range battles. Its armor and shield are high-powered for the start, but should fall off acceptably late-game. (Screenshot is 2x the size of the in-game model, credit to digdug for the graphics)
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Author Kacy
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Added (Last modified) 19.12.2012 (19.12.2012)
Game Version 1.1
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Shane Filomena 23.12.2012 18:22

WOW : I once looked at the EVE ships and stations and wished we could grab some for transcendence : so THIS is a yummy thing!

However: besides our need to thank you for your hard work : do you have your own Unid?

I see you are using 0xDAF which belongs to "roushguy". ( unless that is you and you are using a different name here on xelerus : I met that before, to my embarrassment )

If you did not get a Unid: visit the forums http://www.neurohack.com/transcendence/forums/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=959

and let everybody know what AWESOME work you have done to improve the universe

digdug 24.12.2012 21:24

need a screenshot :D

thanks Shane for keeping an eye open on these things, but Kacy=roushguy so it's all right. :)

Kacy 27.12.2012 04:16

Yeah, digdug's right. DAF7 = 'daft'. Which sems appropriate since I'm a complete gibbering fool some times.

Kacy 27.12.2012 04:23

Screenshot and forgotten credit added.

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