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Screenshot The Corporate Transport: way back in 2008, this Corporate Cruiser variant was one of my first playership mods. In fact, it's still up on Xelerus, been downloaded almost 1500 times, which is pretty cool, but I've never updated it, until now. See the screenshot for ship's config, also it comes with a nice assortment of ROMs and such to get going, not a Godmod at all, just enough to use as a TestShip or to breeze through the early systems. As always, feedback is appreciated, and enjoy!
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Author DOSBox-gamer
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Added (Last modified) 05.11.2012 (19.11.2012)
Game Version 1.08b
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DOSBox-gamer 05.11.2012 15:15

Also equipped with 12-seg armor (thx TheLastBrunnenG).

DOSBox-gamer 19.11.2012 05:18

Re-uploaded at 33 downloads. Big fix was the reactor, early stations could not upgrade or install anything different (whoops!).

Llwch 11.11.2013 01:31

Odd bug - with 1.2RC2, the graphic is glitched. I have a grey outline in the shape of the ship, but I don't see the proper graphic.

Otherwise? Works fine.

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