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Screenshot The Nano Cannon uses TLisp code and <OnFragment> events to act like a self-regenerating nano-bot swarm. There are plenty of editable variables in the code to control how long the shots last and to prevent the game engine from being overloaded. Each shot has a percent chance of creating extra shots, but will only regenerate if the shots are within a certain distance of the player's ship.
Categories Weapon
Author Cygnus.X1
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Added (Last modified) 29.10.2012 (30.10.2012)
Game Version 1.08l
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Cygnus.X1 29.10.2012 19:15

Permission granted to anybody that wants to include this weapon with their mod.

Cygnus.X1 30.10.2012 01:05

I found something odd, there may be a regression bug.

Cygnus.X1 30.10.2012 20:47

So I'm still not sure if there was a bug or not as I couldn't duplicate the problem in a new game.

While trying to capture some screen shots I made some adjustments to the TLisp variables for better balance and functionality, and so I've re-uploaded (@ 7 downloads) and added a nice collage of the weapon in action. No changes to UNIDs so you prolly won't need to restart any save games... prolly.

In testing, it works better than it did before on swarms of smaller ships, but wasn't as useful for taking down capital ships, which was intentional. So far it's looking good as a mid- to high-level weapon that should be available for sale in vanilla black markets.

There is a lot of luck involved with this weapon, sometimes it's a tidal wave of devastation, sometimes it just sucks and you have to spend a lot of ammo to get good results. Just the way I like it, a weapon of Chaos.

It is NOT an energy weapon :P so L. Spheres don't work.

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