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Screenshot Thanks to PM for the ship select image from Playership Drones!
Play as a Hornet! You get a 5-ton cargo hold (upgradeable to 15 tons), three segments of ultra light titanium armor, a 5MW reactor, and six total device slots. You also start with an omni laser (I can't make it *too* sadistic...) which can easily overload its 5MW reactor if you shoot while thrusting. Since it's based on the image from smallships1.jpg, it only has 20 facings. This is intentional. :P
Categories Ship (Player), Challenge
Author Shivan Hunter
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Added (Last modified) 27.10.2012 (27.10.2012)
Game Version 1.08l
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Shivan Hunter 27.10.2012 00:45

Fixed description... reuploaded at 0 downloads using my quick ninja reuploading skills :P

RPC 27.10.2012 06:16

I thought we already had a hornet playership mod? http://xelerus.de/index.php?s=mod&id=18

Shane Filomena 27.10.2012 14:01

I appreciate that people understand the need for different views on something and the Hornet in itself an unfinished conversation . I used to use them for escape pods.

Their size alone makes them extremely interesting because they are so Easily over looked.

Shane Filomena 27.10.2012 14:03

* excuse the "bad English": I live in Alaska and it is a little cold in here

WillyTheSquid 27.10.2012 16:19

i like these challenging early-game ships!

Peter 21.05.2014 21:18

Nice mod. Where do you get all the graphics in Transcendence? Because I want to edit some of them :D

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