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Screenshot BETA version, please comment/test for balance. Click image for a preview slideshow.
A new Black Market station that sells reactors, drives, stealth armor & cargo holds.
Also included: many new reactors and drives, some new cargo holds and armors. New graphics for all of those (which are NOT my original creations).
All reactors are now slotless and show stats in the item description: MW output, fuel tank size, efficiency & compatible fuel types.
All drives now show max speed & thrust stats.
Cargo holds now show max capacity. The detachable holds can be (un)installed without a station.
The Guild itself lets you install military and illegal armor & devices, and repairs broken reactors.
Categories Reactor, Graphics, Drive,
Devices, Development, Armor,
Author WillyTheSquid
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Added (Last modified) 26.10.2012 (25.11.2012)
Game Version 1.08l
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Shivan Hunter 28.10.2012 00:35

Possible bug. I found one of the detachable smuggler holds and used it, then docked with a Hotel with some illegal items. I went through the dialogue for selling the illegal stuff fairly quickly so I don't know if anything was different or if an error was thrown; but when I undocked, I did not have a black market ID and docking with hotels from then on (with or without a detachable smuggler's hold in use) with illegal stuff does not get me the dialogue to get the ID (I am shown the pre-ID dialogue, not the post-ID dialogue).

Other than that- excellent mod!

WillyTheSquid 29.10.2012 19:06

cheers, I will look into it! thanks for the report.

WillyTheSquid 29.10.2012 19:12

I am 90% sure you got nabbed by the cops. If that happens you can't get an ID at the hotels anymore. but I've only ever had it happen to me once out of every game I played.

WillyTheSquid 30.10.2012 14:45

New version is up. Reduced efficiency of KN-series reactors from 14 to 12. Further balance changes to follow. Thanks to SolarDragon for balance testing!

WillyTheSquid 25.11.2012 21:06

Update @ 74 downloads. SN2500 reactor was still using the default graphics.

Viymese 13.12.2012 03:37

A quick video highlighting a small bug that could be horribly abused by the player.

RPC 16.12.2012 01:25

Viymese, you should make more T videos! This bug one is waaaaay better than what I can come up with. What program are you using for screencaptures?

Viymese 16.12.2012 02:49

I can't find a name for it so I'm just saying its the native Screen recorder for linux. And Maybe to teh Lts play idea... maybe...

Peter 01.09.2013 08:45

Good Mod

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