Longzhu Sphere nerf View Mod
The longzhu sphere, when used to enhance an item, now has a chance to fail- the higher the enhancement already is, the higher the chance of failure.

Details: If an item's enhancement is 50% or below, the longzhu sphere acts normally; +20% for a normal item, +10% after that. But at 50%, there is an (enhancement-50)% chance of Bad Things happening. The Bad Thing has a 10% chance of damaging the item (and setting its enhancement to +0%), and a 90% chance of simply subtracting 10% from the enhancement rather than adding it.

This means you have a 30% chance of getting an item to +100% from +0% without failing once.

To compensate, longzhu spheres are slightly more common; they can rarely appear on Earth Slavers and Sung Fortresses, and are "uncommon" rather than "rare".
Categories Challenge
Author Shivan Hunter
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Added (Last modified) 16.10.2012 (16.10.2012)
Game Version 1.08g
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