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Screenshot Athena is my current godmod/testing ship. Enjoy!

GodMod items included:
- Superfast regen shields and armor
- Overpowered ship engine and power core
- Re-usable 'Map all stations' item
- Re-usable shield enhancement for +100% HP
- Unlimited use jump drive (includes gating to Elysium)
- Huge smuggler's cargo hold and 50 device slots

Courier graphics original created by LordSutekh
Shield and armor graphics adapted from original graphics by me.

Nano Cannon (FKA Viral Gland) has been moved to it's own mod file.
Categories Ship (Player), Godmod
Author Cygnus.X1
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Added (Last modified) 14.10.2012 (29.10.2012)
Game Version 1.08l
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Cygnus.X1 15.10.2012 07:15

The recent update of the game engine (1.08i) and changes to how it reacts to objects with passthrough settings is causing some odd behaviors around the border areas of large targets such as CSCs and bases. I will have to find a workaround, so some updating will be needed. I also can't seem to get any sounds to come out of the virtual weapon side of the Viral Gland pair, so that's going to need research to determine if that's a bug or just amateur coding on my part.

Cygnus.X1 23.10.2012 02:13

Re-uploaded at 26 D/L's ^_^

The looping problems with the Viral Gland weapon have been fixed, and a lot of tweaking has been done to prevent both game engine overloads and (oh so many!) friendly-fire incidences. I have also added a few choice 'cheater' items to the ship itself.

Athena will continue to use the Viral Gland as a weapon, but I plan on making a simple one-shot-kills gun of some kind as her primary weapon.

As for the Viral Gland itself, there was a query during IRC Day about the lack of nano-based weapons, and this is a great start, so I will be creating a separate mod just for the VG. I'm thinking of making brand-new graphics for it, as the current graphics I made are derivative of the "X-Virus" enemy from the game Metroid 4: Fusion for the GBA.

Cygnus.X1 29.10.2012 19:14

Re-Uploaded at 44 D/L's

I have separated the NanoCannon into it's own mod:

Added Athena's Purse, an over-sized smugglers hold.

Added Athena's Bow, a massively over-powered omni-gun with homing projectiles.

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