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Screenshot USS Defiant, based on the famous ship from StarTrek. This is intended to be a balanced playership that can be used with vanilla Trans or whatever you want.

-{Version 1}-

Digdug: Defiant graphics
Dalva: Phasers, LCARS, Bussard initial code
PM: Preinstalled SRSEnhance & TargetCPU code
StarWeaver and others: for IRC love and lots of Tlisp and general coding assistance
George: CosmicBang animated effect is a recolored and reordered version of the in-game gating effect


"The description should have less than 1024 letters"
So I created a readme file instead and included it in the zip file.

I finded a bug! ^_^
Categories Ship (Player)
Author Cygnus.X1
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Added (Last modified) 03.10.2012 (18.10.2012)
Game Version 1.08l
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Cygnus.X1 05.10.2012 02:29

Re-uploaded at 32 D/L's

WARNING - TESTING CODE LEFT IN PLACE, that means godmod for the time being

Completed balancing on upgraded versions of the Phasers and PPCs, and added much ehanced functionality to the LCARS (and discovered that said functionality is appearing regardless of which ship you select at start)

Cygnus.X1 06.10.2012 02:15

Re-uploaded at 35 D/L's

The Phasers and PCCs have all been balanced and tweaked and I consider them finished. The Torpedo variations, on the other hand, still need some work, and the Q-Torps are going to be very special by the time I'm done ;)

Now with custom sounds for all weapons! They should sound very familiar now ^_^

Cygnus.X1 08.10.2012 16:01

Re-uploaded at 48 D/L's.

Torps finished ^_^

Q-Torps cause a miniature cosmic bang and a small explosion of exotic matter particles (may still need tweaking)

Godmod coding removed except for a small amount of extra Torps.

Cygnus.X1 10.10.2012 02:18

Re-uploaded at 55 D/L's

All major and minor bugs squashed. If I missed one please let me know right away.

All Godmod type code removed.

Please delete older versions of this mod before uncompressing, as the internal folder structure has changed.

Cygnus.X1 15.10.2012 07:53

The <OnEvent> bug has been fixed, so I will be working on optimizing the LCARS code. The Quantum Torpedoes still need some touch-ups as well.

Cygnus.X1 18.10.2012 02:32

Final(ized) Version 1.0!

LCARS coding now working as intended. Graphics tweaked and tweaked again and tweaked some more.

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