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Hornets now have ceramic armour, a 50% greater rate of fire and 10% of them have a turbolaser. There are also far more of them guarding, reinforcing and patrolling, and with the ceramic armour, an omni-laser is going to have a harder time swatting them. Their bases are also better armoured, have more HP and are better armed, and the Earthzone shuttle has a little more bite.
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FourFire 16.09.2012 00:09

Thanks, I was always annoyed about the Anarchists not giving me any 'resistance'

Shane Filomena 17.09.2012 03:08

My main problem and I confess that the anarchists Expansion did not really correct was the weakness of the bases : Hornets and Earthzones can be deadly to an under-equipt ship.

Himal is also an area I have issues with : but BECAUSE we are used to our power we often forget the new players often do not get our kind of power fast enough.

Howver, short of an almost G.O.D. power to the game : balancing the Playership and Hostiles has been a long fought battle.

Still , the changing Armor thing has always been the way to attack the issues : changing their weapons I am not so sure about : but it is great for high powered players :

so the Moral of the story is :


But maybe an Nerfed extension of it could go into something more expansive that newer or low power players that like to trytaking things on with Plasteel and Turbolaser might like too :)

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