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The vanilla Charon Pirates are a bit of a pushover, but this mod makes the pirates much more deadly, with upgraded weapons, armour, bases and increased numbers. You'll need to be careful about attacking them, and counter them with the right equipment.

This was a really quick and dirty effort and it's had very little playtesting. Suggestions on how to improve it are welcome.
Categories Challenge
Author peter5930
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Added (Last modified) 15.09.2012 (16.09.2012)
Game Version 1.08fa
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FourFire 16.09.2012 00:08

I'll test it for you!

peter5930 16.09.2012 01:18

Reuploaded at 3 downloads to include a description of the changes I've made in an accompanying text file.

Darth Saber 17.09.2012 19:13

Reminds me of the early mod:

"Starting Options+Charon Stronger" by Kamikaze.

Nice mod, Peter5930!

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