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Screenshot "From somewhere deep in the furthest regions of space, They came. At first, just a solitary Drone. Then a bigger, more powerful Raider, and then a whole cluster of them, all attacking together, dispassionately, with supreme precision. You barely got away the last time, and then the alarm sounds: they've obliterated a Taikon station, and left nothing in their wake but the battered and broken hull of a doomed Corporate Enforcer. You realize that, at all costs, somehow, they must be stopped. Reluctantly, you set out to find them. Your skills are good; you've even taken down an enemy dreadnought or two. But this is nothing like that -- this is more ships, and more BIG ships, than you have ever seen together at one time. This is the Collective, and they are unstoppable..."

(Old mod, WAY New version, now for 1p1)
Categories Ship (Enemy)
Author DOSBox-gamer
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Added (Last modified) 04.09.2012 (24.01.2013)
Game Version 1.1
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FourFire 21.10.2012 11:25

Hello, just looking at the various ships via the intro screen a I noticed the the Collective Defender graphics seems to be severely munted.

When rotating the texture appears to be a square cutout of a station bmp, with various portions of Point Juno station, Urak fortress and Rogue Fleet station being shown as the ship turns.

DOSBox-gamer 24.01.2013 08:10

Reloaded at 66 downloads. Many major & minor fixes, graphics completely redone. You're gonna love this!!! ;)

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