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Screenshot The latest version of the Galactic Outposts, tested for 1.07a. New for this version, the Atrium descs are finally working (I hope you'll love it!) and also the Atrium, Classroom, and Residential levels change over time (depending on milRank). Also the stations have patrol guards, including one that might be surprising ;) As always, feedback is appreciated and enjoy!
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Author DOSBox-gamer
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Added (Last modified) 04.09.2012 (21.09.2012)
Game Version 1.07a
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CYRUS KGABO 15.09.2012 14:22

will it work in trans 1.08f

DOSBox-gamer 21.09.2012 08:07

Re-uploaded at 31 downloads. Minor changes to RandClass descriptions, one new RC desc added. Spacer Hotel XML (included previously by mistake) moved to seperate new mod.

DOSBox-gamer 21.09.2012 08:09

Has been tested for 108b. Close enough?

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