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This mod's primary purpose is to rebalance the Gaian Demolition Cannon and Lazarus Shield Generator. It also adds a new shield generator, a new random name for the Xenophobe Ark, makes minor changes to a few other weapons and adds 18 new sound effects to the game.

This mod uses API version 12 and is only compatible with Transcendence 1.08e or later.

This mod overwrites several item UNIDs as well as one ship UNID, which may make it incompatible with other extensions that modify vanilla data. A full list of modified items and ships is available in the included readme.txt file.

Re-uploaded at 197 downloads on 03/10/2013 to the previous version.
Categories Weapon, Shield, New Sounds,
Graphics, Challenge
Author Androgeos
Rating 3   0
Added (Last modified) 18.08.2012 (03.10.2013)
Game Version 1.08e
Filesize 1.98 MB
Downloads 1713
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