Neuter-Matter Fragmentation Beam View Mod
Screenshot "This antique of the advanced, but short-lived Xarkonian empire lead to their demise due to cutbacks on the debug team. After discovering magnets and antimatter lasers, they made this. It fires a coherent beam of antimatter neutrinos(Neuter-Matter). The beams splits on impact."

The lightning bolt is the dual omni tracking beam, the green particle beam is what it fragments into(does radiation dmg) and the blue/red starblasts(does emp dmg) are what the green particle fragments into.

Lower power version only has two stage fragmentation.
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Author mistere
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Added (Last modified) 10.07.2012 (10.07.2012)
Game Version 1.08b
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Shane Filomena 11.07.2012 13:04


you got my droids upset with the interface.

but it seems to fit in the ship, barely..

had to pull out two bulkheads and refit the closet.

mistere 14.07.2012 23:12


How did it affect your droids? It shouldn't do anything to them a normal weapon doesn't do, as far as I know.

I suppose I can change the amount of cargo space it takes up, if you want.

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