Elemental Shift: Core View Mod
The main Elemental Shift mod. Rebalances, tweaks, changes and generally does stuff to things throughout the game.
Still in active development, will be updated.
Description at: http://www.neurohack.com/transcendence/forums/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=5175

NOTE: Requires SM&M+ to function.

ALSO NOTE: Extensive overriding of vanilla XML means this mod almost certainly will not work with other override mods.
Categories Ship (Friendly), Ship (Enemy), Misc,
DockScreens, Devices, Development,
Auton, Armor, Ship (Player),
Station, Usable, Weapon,
Author Shrike
Rating 1   0
Added (Last modified) 05.07.2012 (05.07.2012)
Game Version 1.08b
Filesize 83.15 KB
Downloads 1949
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Shrike 05.07.2012 06:38

Re-uploaded at 2 downloads: Repentent Class gunship less of a demonic spider. Game restart recommended if you're that far through already.

Shrike 10.07.2012 10:21

Note: This mod IS compatible with addition-mods that don't over-ride stuff. I've also tested it with The Network, and it works fine on it.

Shrike 27.07.2012 11:54

I'm putting a development tag on this at 43 downloads. There's some stuff I'm not all that happy with, and it needs fixing.

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