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ScreenshotScreenshot This is also actually a Sandbox teaser, but was inspired by Digdug's initial response to seeing them ingame. This replaces planets with different parallax versions and adds Digdug's Worlds3 and Worlds5 to the mix.

V2 sports better system generation times and less gamebreaking code, but is otherwise functionally the same.

Link to forum thread:

Kudos to LordSutekh for letting me use his graphics.
(I put graphics for category, but they aren't mine :( )
Categories Systems and Topology, Station, Misc,
Author RPC
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Added (Last modified) 28.06.2012 (09.11.2013)
Game Version 1.2 RC2
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RPC 28.06.2012 02:44

Btw, this is just one of the many, many overlooked features of Transcendence. I plan to see if I can use backgroundplane to make some epic stations, and maybe look for some more features ;)

Llwch 28.06.2012 04:10

Simply install into the "Extensions" folder and use...?

RPC 28.06.2012 05:48


If you need help here's a link:


Llwch 28.06.2012 06:49

No help needed... I've installed (and removed) plenty of mods from my Extensions folder over the past number of months.

I like the idea of this one. A pure eyecandy MOD, focusing on the background visuals. :)


Star Weaver 28.06.2012 13:47

Nice! I'm guessing LLwch's original comment was due to this not really looking like the kind of mod you can just drop in and have play nice with anything, so that's pretty cool.

Few thoughts I've had so far:

Orbit lines: If you really want to make an orbit lines version at some point, try this: make the planets that get placed in the systemtype xml graphicless stations that are otherwise setup like normal planets and have the orbit lines property; in their onCreate they spawn the parallax versions that you actually see.

Planet Names: How does this interact with the planet naming features from WE5? If you make the parallax planet itself sign=true does the sign text follow the planet around?

digdug 28.06.2012 18:57

yay, another awesome mod that I wanted ! :D

theRagingPwnr 29.06.2012 10:51

I love the mod, but when i try to load a saved game, i get the message "unable to load system", or sometimes i get in and transcendence crashes (not even an error message when it crashes, it just quits). is this mod not compatible with anything?

RPC 29.06.2012 16:48

It sounds like you're trying to use this mod on an old save.You can't use this mod on an old save because it adds new UNIDs. You have to start a new game to do so :(

theRagingPwnr 29.06.2012 18:24

it was an old save, i started a new game and its working well. this is a great mod.

RPC 29.06.2012 20:53

Thanks :D

RPC 04.07.2012 06:12

Reuploaded at 36 downloads to use Starweaver's suggestion. We now have planet orbits again, although I did have to overwrite the planet UNIDs.

Atarlost 23.07.2012 06:25

I'm having painter order problems. Specifically it looks like station and ship dots paint on the minimap before the planets, leaving them obscured.

RPC 23.07.2012 23:46

Not much I can do about that, made a ticket here: http://www.neurohack.com/transcendence/forums/viewtopic.php?f=30&t=5258

RPC 29.09.2012 17:51

Updated at 95 downloads to include New Worlds.

RPC 13.10.2012 19:46

Reuploaded at 111 downloads. I found a planet that had a bad image definition, it's fixed now.

RPC 20.10.2012 04:12

Updated at 122 dl's to include DarthGeek/Shivan Hunter's planets.

RPC 23.11.2012 22:39

Updated at 144 downloads to include Planets4 by Digdug.

WillyTheSquid 04.12.2012 23:54

RPCski! This mod has a conflict with the utlity items pack (or at least the version you made for me that includes the advLRS -- it uses some of the same UNIDs.

RPC 06.12.2012 02:19

Yes, will update during the weekend, thanks for pointing it out >.<

nangua 08.12.2012 09:48

It's a great mod, looks wonderful and works well. But I get a crash every few systems (random), something not rendering right. Here's the log output:

Exception in sysCreateStation; arg = (-268435453 (475447023 -1046442261 1904848021 1100013484))

12/08/2012 21:36:29 OnCreate [Planet Parallax]: Exception in sysCreateStation; arg = (-268435453 (475447023 -1046442261 1904848021 1100013484)) [(-268435453 (475447023 -1046442261 1904848021 1100013484))] ### (SysCreateStation NewPlanetUNID oldpos) ###

nangua 09.12.2012 00:46

I've figured out what I think is the problem. The image details for Digdug's worlds3 and worlds4 call for a y-coordinate imageY="1280", which is outside both images. The maximum should be imageY="1152". The images for y=128 should also be added to both columns in both planet sets.

RPC 16.12.2012 10:29

Hi, thanks for helping me debug nangua :D

I don't have too much free time, but I tested this version by using GOD mod and travelling through a Vanilla game. It seems to work fine with few mods, but adding intensive mods like System Density and WE might push the game over the edge.

Also tell me if I missed a row of images, thanks ;)

RPC 20.01.2013 02:03

Reuploaded at 200 downloads. I finally figured out how to make it so that if a planet's creation leads to a crash it doesn't get spawned and prevents a crash.

RPC 23.02.2013 10:13

Reuploaded at 239 downloads. Fixed a memory bug discovered in the alpha 1.2 post. Now works with alpha 1.2.

RPC 06.04.2013 20:17

Reuploaded at 279 downloads. Added the Ringed Methane giants by Keedo420 ( http://xelerus.de/index.php?s=mod&id=1264 ). Unfortunately I don't think I can add the Star Control planets without exceeding the 5 MB limit on Xelerus.

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