Extreme Iocrym View Mod
Screenshot To skilled players, Iocryms are too weak as the final enemies. (I think the Xenophobe ark is stronger than the Iocrym command ship, except the disintegration attack.)
This mod would add some spice to the Iocrym command ship.
At first, it seems to be normal command ship. Once it defeated, it will show the real power.
This mod overwrites the Iocrym command ship.
Categories Challenge
Author (^o^)
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Added (Last modified) 16.06.2012 (10.06.2021)
Game Version 1.9b3
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Downloads 1719
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digdug 16.06.2012 15:05

yay, this is awesome! :D

Jose 19.06.2012 23:19

Touhou :P

Amariithynar 06.07.2012 00:14

Bullet hell? Skip.

Star Weaver 06.07.2012 16:13

I think even a touhouer ... touhouist ... whatever would need useful strafing thrusters to do that O_o

PM 06.07.2012 16:18

Besides the mild danmaku, there is also delayed nuclear bursts centered on the player. At that point, it feels a bit like fighting an arch-vile in Doom2.

I like this mod.

(^o^) 05.04.2014 15:03

Updated to 1.3b1 at 262 downloads.

NIGHTHAWK620 23.08.2014 21:02


(^o^) 11.07.2015 17:23

Update to v1.6RC1 at 397 downloads.

Fixed many bugs and adding a new behavior after 80% damage taken.

(^o^) 13.10.2016 05:28

Update to v1.7a2 at 538 downloads. Just added "size" to the commandship.

This update virtually does not change anything in game. So the previous version of this mod still works enough.

(^o^) 10.06.2021 15:55

Looooooong time no see.

Updated at 1365 downloads.

Pretty light tested (I just called this command ship on first system) and it looks OK in the latest version. Maybe.

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