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Screenshot Edited version of the firefly-class transport originally uploaded by TazzMann ( ).

This version is compatible with playership drones 6 (see comments for link) by PM, and has different "flavors" depending on which shipyard you buy it at. Enjoy!
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Author oldmanwynter
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Added (Last modified) 15.06.2012 (25.02.2014)
Game Version 1.2
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oldmanwynter 02.07.2012 02:40

Updated at 34 downloads to be compatible with the newest playership drones update

oldmanwynter 03.10.2012 10:28

Updated at 82 downloads to be compatible with Playership Drones v6 ( ). Sorry to the person who just downloaded it :(

Pensive Koala 12.10.2012 08:46

In testing I was unable to get this ship inside the Arena.

oldmanwynter 31.10.2012 04:25

strange, I can't seem to duplicate this problem... does it happen with any other ships?

oldmanwynter 31.10.2012 04:26

updated at 102, reduced cargo space to 250 tons. More in line with EI ships.

Radiant Phoenix 08.04.2013 23:59

Having started watching the show this is from, this seems inappropriately well armed and armored.

Additionally, given that in-universe the ship class is well known for having lots of places to hide stuff, rather than for space mining, it seems more sensible to give it a smuggler's cargo hold rather than a mining hold.

oldmanwynter 18.11.2013 06:40

@Radiant Phoenix: Thanks for the feedback. Nerfed the firefly a bit, and added a new device to it as well

oldmanwynter 18.11.2013 08:51

updated at 263 dls, fixed an error that (ironically) broke PSD compatibility

oldmanwynter 21.12.2013 08:06

updated at 270 dls, made some changes to the hard burn device, limiting it's usage as I had originally intended. Also added some cool sounds to it.

oldmanwynter 27.01.2014 22:06

Updated at 283 dls. Reduced the cargo size, but added a special device that allows for smuggling and doesn't take up a cargo expansion slot. Added a new weapon, the "crybaby." It will temporarily paralyze everything. Watch out for friendly fire. It does very little actual damage, so I suggest picking up a good primary weapon. Installed as a launcher.

oldmanwynter 24.02.2014 05:19

Updated at 303 dls. Reduced max speed and increased thrust. Also incorporated a slightly modified version of darksider's barrel launcher in place of my own (with permission). Makes for a decent primary weapon, so long as you have ammo.

oldmanwynter 25.02.2014 02:14

Minor update at 305 dls. Tweaks for compatibility with RPC's Civilian Crafts [ ]

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