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Screenshot This mod was created in part as tutorial for using the ScrAddAction function. It has extensive comments inside for those who want to use the ScrAddAction function. However, it is a very useful reasonably well balanced mod.
This mod adds a new action to the buy and sell screens at all stations. The action "Identify this item" will charge you 10% of the items cost to identify it.

Please remember to uptick...I want higher ratings :D
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Author TranscendentGeek
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Added (Last modified) 07.05.2012 (07.05.2012)
Game Version 1.08b
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Llwch 07.05.2012 07:33

Sheer brilliance, TG, but then again, that's something we've all come to expect from you.


mistere 07.05.2012 08:04

It's those little features that make it more 'polished' and refined.

That one should go in vanilla imo.

TranscendentGeek 07.05.2012 10:23

Reuploaded at 5 dl. Update will not require a restart. The identify action will be grayed out if the item is already identified or you can't afford to identify it.

However, if it is unknown and you can afford it the action will change to allow you to identify it and tell you how much it will cost!

Shane Filomena 08.05.2012 12:16

from your description I would have to say this a little bit more "balanced" against simply ordering the station to ID items.

I hope my love affair with it last, I hate being on the rebound :) LOL.

backwards compatible?

( I'll figure that out anyway, no fears. )

sp_testure 09.05.2012 00:36

Great! now I don't have to wait for the corporate scanner to show up anymore..Cheers!

TranscendentGeek 31.05.2012 20:06

Wow guys thanks for the ratings!

Shortling 10.07.2016 03:28

Hey this is a great mod but for some reason for me the Identify button is only appearing on the sell screen and not the buy screen. Anyone have a fix or any ideas?

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