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Ever tired of being attacked and not knowing it? Does autopilot still take too long? This mod is designed to solve those issues by allowing you to safely leave your ship for a while by installing an alarm system to warn you of incoming ships. The current range is up to 110 light seconds and is slightly better than the standard LRS. Also, the easy, calming warning sound doesn't scare or jar anybody.
If you do, however, want to change the sound, you can always replace the .wav file with another .wav file of the name "Beep".
Link to forum thread here:
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UI Enhancements
Author RPC
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Added (Last modified) 04.05.2012 (18.02.2013)
Game Version 1.08b
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RPC 04.05.2012 23:52

Herp derp. Link fixed.

Star Weaver 05.05.2012 11:05

Heya, thanks for makin' it, and sorry for having such a tiff with you about it earlier.

RPC 05.05.2012 19:16

No worries, now you can scratch something off of that list of yours ;)

Now go make barrel roll ;)

Shane Filomena 06.05.2012 03:13

ooooooooo I wanna barrel roll :)

I saw it once mentioned in a signature and I been dying to see one :)

( getting rolled by the Kronosaurus does not count , so I learned...)

Star Weaver 28.05.2012 08:05

What was the update? Did you remove that one random dbglog statment you had in there?

RPC 29.05.2012 04:58

I dunno D:

RPC 29.05.2012 07:09

Ok, checked it. I did remove the random dbglog statement ;)

RPC 18.02.2013 13:27

Updated at 164 downloads to remove the 'beep' when you spawn at a new system.

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